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Royal Hunter RDA By The Council of Vapor Review

The Royal Hunter is a beautiful RDA from the Council of Vapor (CoV). This RDA does not only look good but also performs excellently. Whether you are after clouds or vapor, the Royal Hunter RDA will do it for you. Every aspect of this RDA oozes careful attention to detail. This is the kind of atty that you want to flaunt to your non-vaper buddies. This atomizer was created for experienced vapers. Although it looks attractive, it is not suitable for newbies to vaping who are yet to learn about the different aspects of an atomizer.
The Royal Hunter RDA is quite small, but it can withstand really high wattage. The dimensions of the tank are 24mm by 22mm, and it weighs 31g. The atomizer is made of aluminum, brass, and stainless steel that is why it is so lightweight. The top cap of the device is made of brass and is plated with gold. You can get this RDA in different colors like stainless steel, black, titanium white, blue, red, pink, and green.
This Council of Vapor RDA comes with a wide bore drip tip that has a honeycomb shield structure in its inner section which protects against spit back. This drip tip works pretty well and is very comfortable to use, but if you do not like it you can replace it with any standard 510 drip tip since this kit includes a 510 drip tip adapter. The one issue with this drip tip is that the honeycomb structure prevents you from dripping on your coil head unless you remove the drip tip, which can be a bit inconvenient.
The Royal Hunter RDA is composed of three main parts. You have the coil deck, the sleeve, and the top cap. One of the reasons why you get great flavor when vaping with this Council of Vapor RDA is that it has a short barrel. This means the vapor does not have to travel a long distance from your coils to your mouth.
The Royal Hunter RDA has a unique air flow design. Instead of horizontal air flow slots, the air flow slots on this RDA are vertical and are placed on the middle section of the sleeve. The air flow slots look just like the WiFi signal symbol that appears on the computer. To adjust the air flow, you simply need to turn the gold-plated top cap.
This Council of Vapor RDA comes with a wide build deck with a T-style positive center post. The build deck of this atty is made of stainless steel. The post holes on the deck are large enough to fit 20 gauge plus wires. You can use all the common coil builds on this RDA. You can even choose to use either a single or double coil build. Under the build deck, you will find a pretty deep e-juice well. Although the e-liquid well looks shallow, it’s actually quite deep. What’s more, you never have to worry about leakage when vaping with this RDA. The only time it leaks is if you overfill it.
Under the Royal Hunter RDA, you will find a 510 threading with a silver-plated pin for proper connectivity when you fix it to a mod. With a diameter of just 22mm, you can fit this atty on different types of mods. It is very easy to use this RDA and work on it. Whether you use an advanced mod or a simple battery setup, this atty works well.
The Council of Vaper’s Royal Hunter RDA is a classic one. You can get this RDA on Vape Fu where it is going for $34.99.