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Grimm Green Recoil RDA Review

The Recoil RDA is a special one. It was created by YouTube personalities Grimm Green and OhmBoyOC. These two are among the most popular vaping figures on YouTube so you can bet that their RDA is something every vaper will love. The quality of this RDA is simply outstanding, and its performance is on point. One remarkable thing about this Grimm Green RDA is that it comes with two sleeves; one for flavor and the other for clouds. Usually, you have to buy a separate sleeve for an RDA. However, this atty comes with an extra sleeve in the package.
The Grimm Green Recoil RDA does not only come in green color as its name may lead you to believe, but you can get this RDA in stainless steel, red, blue, purple, brass, and matte black.
The Recoil RDA is made of 304 stainless steel and has a diameter of 24mm. The only parts of this RDA that are not made of stainless steel are its drip tip and its 510 connection pin. The RDA is fitted with a 15.1mm wide bore Delrin drip tip. It is a good thing that the drip tip of this atomizer is not made of stainless steel because it tends to get pretty warm when you are chain vaping on it.
As noted above, the Grimm Green Recoil RDA comes with two housing sleeves. Both stainless steel sleeves have the eccentric Grimm Green logo etched on their side. Both RDA sleeves have two airflow holes on both sides. On the sleeve recommended for vapor production, which is called the Clouds Bro Cap, you will find that the airflow holes are slightly bigger at 3mm compared to the 2.5mm holes on the sleeve for flavor chasers call which is called the Clouds Bro Cap.
The build deck of the Recoil RDA has a diameter of 22mm. It is large enough for you to fit a different kind of coil builds. Although this RDA is recommended for experienced vapers, newbies to vaping will be able to use the atty with ease. You  can take this atomizer apart and assemble it without any difficulties. It is designed with a velocity-style build deck. The post holes on the build deck are quite big at 2.5mm. It also comes with flathead grub screws so you can fix your coils without struggling. What’s more, the holes on the negative posts of the build deck are raised for easy maneuvering. The center post of this atty is made with Peek insulation so that it can handle really high temperatures. Under the build deck. The atty has a 7mm deep juice well.
At the base of the Recoil RDA, you will find a gold-plated brass 510 pin for attaching the RDA to your mod. You need a really powerful mod to enjoy this Grimm Green RDA to the fullest. It can be vaped as high as 175 watts.
When you have the Grimm Green Recoil RDA in your hands, you can tell that the manufacturers paid attention to the minute details of this atty. The airflow holes are placed in the middle area of the sleeve. This means no matter how much e-juice you pour on your coil heads, you never have to worry about leakage.  The drip tip that comes with the Recoil RDA is removable, but it is perfect, so you will not have any need to change it.
The Grimm Green Recoil RDA is going for up to $58 in some online vape shops, but you can get it on Ultimate Vape Deals for only $41.99. Both the flavor and vapor production of this RDA is awesome.