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Geek Vape Alien Clapton Coils Review

Are you looking for high-quality prebuilt coils for your rebuildable atomizer, check out Geek Vape’s Alien Clapton Coils. Geek Vape is a famous brand in the vaping industry. The company has been around for many years and has carved a solid reputation for itself, thanks to the quality of its products. Apart from mods, tanks, and rebuildable atomizers, Geek Vape also makes coils like the Alien Clapton.

The Geek Vape Alien Clapton Coil is made of Kanthal A1 and contains five wraps. This coil is made up of three different wires, namely 25AWG, 16AWG, and 30AWG. The coil is pretty solid and is not so malleable. The size of the coil is 1.2mm by 2.6mm, and it has a resistance of 0.5 ohms. Although the coil has just five wraps, there is enough remaining wire on both edges to create at least one wrap each.

When you buy Geek Vape Alien Clapton, you get two coils per pack along with some organic cotton. You can use this coil on just about any rebuildable atomizer that can accommodate its size. The average lifespan of the Alien Clapton is two weeks.

You can get a pack (containing two) of the Alien Clapton Coils by Geek Vape at the Atomic Dog Vapor online store for only $4.29. You will find many other prebuilt coils at this online store in case you want more.

Atomic Dog Vapor does not only sells coils and other vaping accessories but also its own e-liquids. The company makes top-quality e-liquid blends using ingredients sourced from the US. The company is transparent about the content of its e-juices. You can be assured that Atomic Dog Vapor e-liquids do not contain any questionable ingredients or additives. You will find all types of e-juice flavors at this store. Whatever your flavor preference, the chances are that Atomic Dog Vapor has got something for you.

You may be wondering why Atomic Dog Vapor offers incredibly low prices for all the products at its store. Well, this is because the company does not run a physical store but instead operates virtually. The money that the company is able to save by running its business this way is passed on to its customers in the form of low prices. You can stock up on your vaping supplies from the Atomic Dog Vapor online shop without breaking the bank.

Have you ever purchased from a vape shop and got bad service or had to wait forever for your order to arrive? I bet you weren’t happy about that. Well, when you buy from Atomic Dog Vapor, you can count on excellent customer service and speedy delivery of your order. The company’s staff are quick to respond to complaints or any questions you may have. Atomic Dog Vapor usually processes orders that come in before noon on the same day. And the company ships via Priority 2 to 3 days Mail. This means you are going to get your order delivered really quickly. What more can you ask for? Visit this store to learn more about them.