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Vision Eternity Rebuild-able Atomizer System


  • eGo-T style rebuildable atomizer
  • Replaceable Coils (can be purchased separately)
  • Configuration 1: Ability to use a dripping atomizer
  • Configuration 2: Ability to use an eGo-T cartridge
  • 510 threaded connection
  • Chome plated brass

What’s in the box (in this case, a tin):

1 – Drip Tip
1 – Cone
1 – Coil Base
1 – eGo-T Needle Base
1 – Dripping Body
1 – eGo-T Collar Piece
1 – Changeable Coil (1.8ohm-2.0ohm)
1 – Instructional Manual

Initial Thoughts:

So I have been using the Vision Eternity for a few weeks now and I am a thoroughly enjoying the atomizer on an ego battery. It is definitely made for the ego. The finish is nice and so far haven’t noticed any dents despite the fact that is has rolled off my desk a few times already. It is a dual functional atomizer, but I immediately started with the dripping setup. I find I get more flavor and good wicking that way. Although the Eternity is something I am not familiar with. The wick is very different.

How does it vape? It took a good day to really get the wick saturated. I am not sure if it is because of where the wick is located. It is almost like a top coil cartomizer or even a Viva Nova, except it is at the bottom, but not really. I may need to explain that later 😉

Just some concerns I have are there are a lot of pieces needed upon assembly. There is a fear I have over the last few days that I am just going to get e-liquid everywhere. So far no leaks which I am almost surprised by that. A few things I dislike is the inability to really see how much e-liquid I have in the atomizer. This ties into the leaking fear. Also, this is a long atomizer. I have had to vape at higher voltages to get a warmer vape. This may work for some e-liquids, but it really does vary.

The Warning

Rebuilding an atomizer like this requires a determination, steady hand,  and testing. Use the meter to test the atomizer output resistance after they are done with the rebuild.

Is it worth the price?

It is definitely a different atomizer. I’ll need to give this some time and see how it works long term. Happy Vaping!