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Review of Phoenix: Fresh Crisp Strawberry by Cyclops Vapor


About Cyclops Vapor:

They firmly believe that their product is superior in quality to many other E-liquids. Gary was behind Zack 100% and helped him continue to perfect his flavors and research new e-juice. Every product needs a name if you’re going to market it.
Much like the uniqueness of their products, they sought a brand representation that was unique. They wanted something that avoided the common clichés in the e-juice market. They turned inward to examine not just the product, but themselves, their passions, and their interests. It started in 2013.

Pre-Steeped to Perfection:

Cyclops Vapor pre-steeps every batch to ensure that every bottle their customers get has just the right balance of flavor and intensity. You’ll never have to tamper, shake or let your juice breathe when you get it in the mail. You’ll always get the same delicious flavor as soon as you get your vape in the mail and crack the bottle open.

Phoenix -Reason Behind the Name

While the Phoenix is traditionally associated with rebirth, rising from destruction to begin again, or the daily rebirth of the sun – it is also strongly connected with peace and Cylcops Vapors e-liquid – Phoenix Fresh Crisp Strawberry is a light, fruity Summer flavor that is great for a peaceful vape every day!

Review of Phoenix by Cyclops Vapor:

When it comes to submissions these days, I don’t see a whole lot of new things anymore. Whether it be the standard plastic bottles, the clear, blue or amber glass. They all pretty much look alike, and I learned a very long time ago not to judge a juice based on its container. Some of the finest liquids I’ve tasted have come in hard plastic bottles with leaky tops, and some of the worst have come in glass dripper-tops.

That being said, Cyclops Vapor Phoenix has a particularly good strawberry flavor, and they use a skillful hand when blending in order to minimize and potentially avoid the off flavors that a great deal of strawberry based e-juices tend to carry. Their pure strawberry flavor is a blend of strawberry major cash crops, and they come in a seamlessly fresh and crispy combination that is sweet, fruity, and well-balanced. The strawberry is sweet, like sugar coated berries, without one iota of the acrid, medicinal notes that often plagues these types of flavors. The flavor that Cyclops Vapor uses in the mix is a field fresh crispy strawberry, but the crispy pucker is easily offset by the sweetness of the berry. The combination of these flavors creates a fruity like flavor that tastes great to vape.
At just over 9 watts or 4.8v on a 2.5Ω atomizer, the flavor is juicy with a nice balance of sweet and crispy, delivering a stout throat hit and a solid cloud of fruity vapor.

Overall Assessment:


Clean, well-defined fresh crispy blend of flavors with no strange aftertaste
Proper throat hit and vapor production.
Robust options for nicotine level
Child-proof cap
Full range of PG/VG ratio




0.30 LBS
Strength:0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg
Size:1oz, 2oz, 4oz

Give it a try! Let me know what you think!