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Review of Autumn Spice E-Liquid by VapeMoar

Autumn Spice is a blend of come characteristic autumn flavors. Vape Moar has somehow been able to create a blend that reminds you of the feeling of fall. It will remind you of eating a rich apple pie with cinnamon flavor. Autumn Spice will add some spice to your life and make it much easier to deal with the coming winter cold.

E-Liquid Specifications

Nicotine Concentration  0mg  2mg  4mg  8mg  16mg
VG/PG Ratio  72/28
This e-liquid comes in a 15ml and 132ml bottle.

Flavor and Taste

Autumn Spice has a light flavor. The main ingredients in the blend are apple, cinnamon, and toffee. The way the apple and cinnamon flavor are mixed is simply delightful. The cinnamon is a bit stronger than the apple. The toffee adds a sweet touch to the taste which balances the spiciness of the cinnamon. The cinnamon flavor in this e-liquid gives it a peppery kick. But it does not contain any pepper.

To enjoy the best flavor from Autumn Spice, VapeMoar recommends that you vape it at a temperature of 400 degrees or 40 Watts. At this temperature, the e-juice is not too spicy or too soft. If you vape it at a higher temperature, you are going to get a very hot flavor with an intense throat hit to go with it. However, at lower temperatures, the flavor of this blend is smooth and mellow. At lower temperatures, Autumn Spice is ideal for mouth-to-lung vaping. This e-liquid does not leave any chemical taste in your mouth.

How it Vapes

This VapeMoar blend has the just the kind of throat hit that you expect from an e-liquid with cinnamon flavor. It gives you a satisfying throat hit with a nice peppery feeling to go with it. If you are vaping it at a very high temperature on a sub ohm device, the throat hit can get very intense, but it is much lighter at lower temperatures. As far as cloud production is concerned, Autumn Spice ranks pretty well. You will blow out large clouds after every draw. Of course, the temperature that you are vaping and the type of tank that you are using would affect the size of the clouds that you get after each hit.

Autumn Spice comes in different nicotine concentration levels so whether you need a lot of nicotine or just a little, you can still enjoy it.

Overall, Autumn Spice is a unique blend. If you love apple and cinnamon flavor or you want an e-liquid that will give you memories of the autumn season, this is it. Autumn Spice is not the kind of e-liquid that you would want to vape all day. Instead, you would reserve this for special occasions. It tastes like a delicious bite of a rich apple pie. Since this is a seasonal e-juice, it is only available on the VapeMoar store in the autumn season and disappears around December.

Other Details

Autumn Spice by VapeMoar comes with the typical design that the company uses for its e-liquid. You can get the e-juice in a 15ml or 132ml bottle. It costs only $20 for a 132ml bottle of Autumn Spice on

VapeMoar is a highly rated e-liquid maker based in Wisconsin. The company puts an emphasis on making its products affordable but high-quality. VapeMoar goes to great lengths to test their e-juices using different types of vaping devices to ensure that they are ready for the market. Besides Autumn Spice, Vape Mar has other equally good e-liquids like Summer Sweetie, Tropical Torte, Berry Bomb, Baker’s Bean, Cafe Creme, Cool Customer, Cool Green, Mellow Gold, and Prince Pucker.

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