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Broke Dick’s The 1st E-juice Review


Nicotine Level  0mg  3mg  6mg

Bottle Size  120 ml

VG/PG  70/30

Price  $22.00



The packaging for this e-juice is pretty much the same as the other juice in this line.  Broke Dick offers a cheap e-juice line of good quality, and their image of affordability and class, also reflects on their packaging.The brand’s packaging is actually pretty simple. It is consist of a 120 ml gorilla bottle, and the label is just a cartoon print of Mr. Moneybanks in cargo shorts and a muscle sleeve.

The brand name itself is so unique that despite having a simple design, it can still catch people’s attention. Broke Dick is actually the name of the brand’s owner, Richard Broke. He took his name, quirked it up a little and came up with an attention-grabbing brand. The bottle comes with the brand’s signature calling card, which is a monopoly card, on every purchase of the product, making the company very memorable.

The bottles come in a 120 ml variety, and you get 2 bottles for the price of one, making it very affordable. The only downside to this packaging is that the bottles come with twist caps and not the usual screw caps that most e-liquids come in. You can purchase a screw cap for the price of 1.25 US dollars from the brand’s website, but if you are a little short on cash, you can just re-use you empty unicorn bottles or any empty screw caps you have lying around at home.

The over-all design of the product is very basic, which upholds the message they want to convey to their consumers, and that is to provide good quality cheap e-juice to those who are short on cash.


Broke Dick’s The 1st e-juice description on the packaging says that it is fresh strawberries and rich vanilla custard that come together in a magical mix of berries and cream, topped with COOL whip. Get it before Uncle Sal steals the last crate. The flavour has a nice full body, and it actually gives a nice blend of strawberries and cream on the inhale, with a full custard taste and just a hint of menthol on the exhale. The flavours blend together with each other giving the e-juice that real strawberry ice cream taste.

It was a little thin upon opening, but after being steeped for a couple of days, the liquid was bursting with flavour with each mouthful. The strawberries were very distinct and the custard was really nice and smooth.The inhale gives a cool frozen strawberry and cream vibe, giving the user a bit of a lip tingling effect. The custard and mixed berries were more prominent on the exhale with a dash of mint giving it a creamy undertone, which is a plus. The overall effect of the flavour, with its balanced body, gives an impression of real strawberries that lingers even after the exhale. It was a great blend, and it was by far the best strawberry and cream flavour I have had so far.

Throat Hit

The e-liquid has a pretty smooth hit when used. It does not leave my throat scratchy, nor does it leave it dry giving me the feeling that I want to drink a lot of water afterwards. Long ten-second hits are very possible with this one, and the mouth feel of this product is pretty good, although the flavour, especially the custard, tends to disappear as the nicotine level rises, which gives an impression that the nic actually overpowers the custard flavour. With a smooth throat hit, the product also gives a lasting impression of fresh strawberries in the aftertaste. The juice does deliver a full smooth vaping experience despite being a cheap e-juice.

Cloud Production

This juice has all the components of a juice with a 70/30 ratio. Upon opening, it is usually pretty runny, but when allowed to steep for a couple of days, and it would be quite satisfactory. Pretty dense clouds for a 70/30 blend. What i like about this juice is that it quickly absorbs into the cotton and it does not leave a lot of gunk. With a decrease wattage, you can maintain the cotton pretty well for an all-day vape usage.


Broke Dick’s The first e-juice is pretty much a very impressive one. It is a cheap vape with a very premium quality with a house price. A very good value for money, and a very nice all-day vape for me. I am more of a fan of fruity flavours, but this one, though it is more of the pastry variety, I found myself using it everyday, and not get tired of it. Great work, Broke Dick