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Premium E-Liquid (VG Base)

Promised Land by Cloud Alchemist Review



 Size  10ml 30ml 120ml

 Nicotine Level   0mg  1.5mg  03mg  06mg  12mg

 PG/VG Ratio   20pg/80vg  50pg/50vg

 Flavor Note

Creamy mixture of honey and savory cinnamon with a light apple aftertaste.

As soon as you take the cap off of the bottle of the Promised Land, you have a pretty good idea of what you’re going to be in for. I’ve tasted quite a few honey and savory cinnamon flavored juice, and have spent more than a few dollars looking for the perfect spiced vape. The Promised Land from Cloud Alchemist is, by far, the best I’ve had to date.

It’s not strictly a candy, so to speak, as the flavors are a bit more complex than that. It should go without saying that the most prominent flavor in the mix is the gently flavored, clean taste of the spicy cinnamon itself.

It’s a really good honey flavor. Not bold, not overdone, but definitely what I would call the dominant flavor of the juice. This is perfectly sweet without so much as a trace of the bitter, medicinal cough drop flavor that plagues Honey and Cinnamon flavored e-juices.

The profile is deep, dark, earthy and rich, with a light, natural sweetness that is a very long way from cloying. The honey presents itself right on the exhale, with a delicate, subtle blend of the traditional spice. The cinnamon is mild at the top, but gains a bit more traction on the exhale where it’s met with a sweet and savory flavor that, while perfect, and does still includes some of the artificial tasting flavors that all cinnamony e-liquids seem to possess to some degree, it does come closer to the flavor of the genuine article than the overwhelming majority of cinnamon based e-liquids I’ve tasted.

If you’re a vaper who likes to get your juice kind of hot, I had this one running at 5.5 V with a 3Ω atty, and while a little bit of the honey flavor was cooked away, the cinnamon notes remained true, and the throat hit was positively immense. I found the real sweet spot to be at 5.1V or just about 8.67W, which keeps all the flavors intact and still produces an excellent throat hit with a pretty nice cloud to boot.

Finally, Promised Land by Alchemist is a gently flavored, clean premium ejuice.

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Overall, Cloud Alchemist has created a legacy which only a few can do in this type of industry. The near-perfect blend along with a huge range of flavors that create a rhythmic mix is extremely unique. Not only this, but they also have the ability to lift the flavors which people tend not to enjoy on normal situations, creating a savory mouth-watering experience.