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Premium E-Liquid (VG Base)

Hustle E-liquid Collection Review

Hustle E-liquid Collection is privately made by a California-based American company named Humble Juice. Their headquarters is in Los Angeles, California. Humble Juice Co is recognized as one of the fastest growing juice companies in the vaping industry. They have the passion for creating premium e-juices at affordable rates.  They do not even charge any shipping fees for US orders above $19.99. That is such a bargain since most of their product offerings are priced higher than that! I’m keen on the fact that they have every type of flavor in their portfolio. It’s always a feast with every flavor.

At the moment, they have three lines; Humble, Hustle, and Havoc. Out of the three, the Hustle collection has those out of the usual mix of flavors. If you fancy cream or pastry blends then this is the collection for you. Hustle E-liquid Collection consists of six flavors specifically Ambition, Checkmate, Dreamer, Pay Day, Jackpot, and The Grind. These are all bottled at 60 ml net content and retails for only a little over fifteen bucks. Each bottle costs only $15.99 to be exact. It has three levels of nicotine strength from 0 mg, 3mg, and 6 mg.

Each bottle comes with a white cap and another glue tip cover for refilling. The packaging’s look is effortless and clean except for the color accents on the label. It looks plain and basic but still attractive. This is a high VG e-juice hence the thicker consistency. The Hustle Collection has an 80VG/20PG ratio. It is also pre-steeped for over two weeks as labeled. I swear by their flavor’s taste and vapor production. Plus, you get to have it for less than twenty dollars only. Humble Juice is the greatest! They have the best e-juice in town!

Take a look at each flavor’s description and decide for yourself which one would suit you best. My top three would be Ambition, Pay Day, and Checkmate. The flavors are very savory, and the vapor production is immense. It makes the long drag worthwhile! I also did not experience any dry or burnt hits. The throat hit of this e-juice collection is smooth. I just can’t get enough.

Ambition E-liquid

A refreshing blackberry lemonade vape juice flavor, with a hint of menthol for a hot summer day.

Checkmate E-liquid

A beautiful blend of fruits and cream with a hint of menthol… a personal favorite.

Dreamer E-liquid

Ever been to a carnival? You’ll enjoy this! A sweet blueberry, raspberry cotton candy.

Pay Day E-liquid

Are you a milk and honey fan? I think they’ve nailed it 😉

Jackpot E-liquid

A tasty raspberry filled donut with icing Our newest flavor to the Hustle collection.

The Grind E-liquid

An ice cream sugar cookie sandwich that is loaded with flavor.

Another tip is to maintain power at 50-60 wattage to be able to enjoy the huge billows of cloud production. At this rate, you get to chain vape like crazy and satisfy your inner cloud chaser being. While at the same time, you can still relish the full-bodied taste of the vape juice. I have tried buying from them online via their website, It was a fast and smooth transaction. The process was very straightforward and efficient. I even got my orders within two to three business days. The website is very user-friendly. It has a neat, simple and easy to navigate user interface. They have a clear and concise explanation about their company, their mission,  their vision, and their product offerings. And as an icing on top of the cake, Humble Juice has excellent customer service and after-sales support. From researching about them, asking for recommendations via email, prompt responses, online shopping, cart checkout, and payment, up to delivery; everything was so in-sync and cohesive. I guess it’s safe to say that I will be repurchasing from them soon. I’m also keen to try out the other collection’s flavors.  So for anyone wanting to try out new and exciting flavors, Humble Juice’s Hustle Collection is a treasure chest. You’ll never go wrong with this choice!