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Menthol Flavors Premium E-Liquid (VG Base)

Cheap E-Juice Apple Juice Iced E-Liquid Review

Think about the most delicious and most refreshing apple juice you have tasted and then add lots of ice to it… that is what the Apple Juice Iced by Cheap E-juice tastes like.

“Apple Juice by Cheap eJuice is a refreshing apple juice menthol flavored e-juice that is very similar to that little box we all loved and enjoyed growing up … with ICE!”

Now if you have noticed, the flavor profile is basically the same as its apple juice eliquid flavor except for the last word – ICE! If you are a menthol and an apple lover, then this ejuice will bring you nothing but delight. This thirst-quenching blend really lives up to its name.

Imagine picking an apple straight from the orchard and squeezing it into this ejuice, this is how the apple flavor in this bottle plays. Basically, both the inhale and exhale deliver that menthol fresh apple juice blend. The flavor is spot on and full. This can be a perfect pair to a hot sunny day when you want to vape but you don’t want to leave your mouth feeling dry as well. This ejuice is sweet but not overly. If you do a smell taste, the scent of apples is most prominent. Even if your eyes are closed, you will not missed what flavor this bottle packs.

The same thing with the taste test, the apple juice flavor is most prevalent. The Apple Juice Iced flavor has a ratio of 65% vegetable glycerin and 35% propylene glycol. Vapor production is totally awesome. Both clouds and flavor chasers will sure go after this blend. Clouds are huge, dense, and do not disappear immediately. It runs smooth and pleasant on the nose and throat. Unlike other menthol-based vape juices, this does not irritate your throat. And the menthol is perfectly tweaked and not overwhelming.

This bottle comes in two nicotine levels – 3 mg and 6 mg. The 3 mg of nicotine suits those who are looking for a milder hit. And the 6 mg version if you want to get the strongest hit out of this flavor. Although both levels are the lightest there is (as other brands reach up to 24 mg), they can both produce full and non-disappointing flavor. I recommend vaping newbies to start with the lower one, while previous cigarette smokers can start with the 6 mg as it mimics the nicotine hit from cigarettes.

Just like its plain juice version, the Apple Juice Iced eliquid comes in a 120-mL chubby gorilla bottle with child-resistant cap. (Kudos on that added safety protection by the way.) This kind of bottle is more convenient and economical, allowing you to easily place it inside your pocket or purse without worrying of possible breakage. Squeezing out some ejuice directly into an atomizer or dripper has also been made easier thanks to its needle nose tip.

A white-colored label wrapped around the bottle contains pretty much everything you need to know about the ejuice. It displays the brand name, flavor name, content size, manufacturing date, expiration date, usual warning, and nicotine strength, to name a few. I like how the information is neatly presented, allowing you to easily find what you are looking for.

Lastly, the Apple Juice Iced eliquid by Cheap E-Juice has the same affordable price as the plain apple juice version. Its price tag of only $12.99 will leave your eyes and mouth completely wide open. This is definitely worth the price. In fact, its price is really cheap if we based it on its overall profile including taste, all-day vape, vapor/cloud production, and presentation, not to mention this is made from premium quality ingredients. Other online stores charge a 120-ml bottle for at least 15 bucks. But visit the Menthol Flavors collection to snatch that price.

Cheap E-Juice is an eliquid maker from Costa Mesa, California. The company aims to bring premium quality ejuices at affordable prices to the vaping community. This brand has a wide array of flavor selection to choose from. The Apple Juice Iced as well as Peach Iced is under its menthol-flavored ejuice collection. Other available collections offered are candy, dessert, fruit, and sour flavors. If you are on a budget but still wants the best of the best flavor, give Cheap E-Juice a try.