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Disposable E-Cigs vs. Refillable E-Cigs: Which is Best?

In case you didn’t know, there are two types of electronic cigarette – disposable e-cigs and refillable e-cigs. Both types of e-cigarette can be purchased online or on the high street and both will deliver a nicotine hit to the user. The biggest difference between the two types of e-cig is in the name – one can be refilled with e-liquid and recharged and therefore used again and again whilst the other needs to be thrown away after it has exhausted either its battery or e-liquid.

Both types of electronic cigarette have their pros and cons, and your purchase decision will likely come down to cost, convenience, and availability.

So, which e-cig is best for you? Let’s compare these two types of e-cigarette to see which is best.

Disposable E-Cigarettes

Disposable e-cigarettes are offered by the vast majority of e-cig companies and they are very easy to come by and purchase. They offer a simple and also convenient way to enjoy vaping but they are only good for as long as the battery lasts or for as long as the e-liquid lasts. Typically, a disposable e-cigarette is equivalent to 1 – 2 packs of traditional cigarettes, and you can expect a disposable electronic cigarette to last for more than sixty pulls.

Pros of disposable e-cigarettes:

Readily available
Low upfront cost

Cons of disposable e-cigarettes:

Limited flavors and nicotine strengths
Lower quality product vs. refillable options
Higher long-term costs

Refillable E-Cigarettes

Refillable e-cigs or rechargeable e-cigs as some people call them are more difficult to come by than disposable e-cigs on the high street but they are readily available online. They have fast become the most popular choice of e-cig for regular vapers because buying replacement e-liquid is cheaper than a new disposable e-cigarette every few days or weeks. Although you will pay more upfront for a refillable e-cig starter kit, the long-term cost is lower than that of disposable e-cigarettes.

Pros of refillable e-cigarettes:

High-quality product
Better performance (stronger nicotine hit)
Lower long-term costs

Cons of refillable e-cigarettes:

Need to be recharged regularly
Some devices can be quite complex
Higher upfront costs

So which e-cigarette is best?

For most people, refillable electronic cigarettes are the best choice. Although these devices cost more upfront than disposable e-cigarettes they offer more flavor and nicotine level choice and they are also a higher quality product, and so will last much longer.

Disposable e-cigarettes are fine for people who want to simply try an electronic cigarette. If you are a first time user, disposable e-cigs are a good way to see whether you like the look and feel of an e-cigarette.

Refillable e-cigs do better replicate the feel of a normal cigarette, though, so it is recommended that you move on to refillable electronic cigarettes once you decide that you would like to lead a healthier lifestyle vs. smoking traditional tobacco products.