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Premium E-Liquid (VG Base)

Bruce Leechee E-juice by The Mamasan Discount Codes

The taste and flavor of ripe mangoes are uniquely sweet. It is not surprising then that the mango flavor has been used in several e-liquid blends on the market. E-juice manufacturers have relied on the unforgettable flavor of mango to create their fruit based e-juice blends. However, not every e-juice that claims to contains the mango flavor really tastes like mangoes. Bruce Leechee by The Mamasan is arguably one of the best mango flavored e-juice you will find out there. This US made premium e-juice will fascinate your taste buds. Bruce Leechee is produced in Los Angeles, California by The Mamasan who specializes in making e-juice blends with Asian flavors. The Mamasan which was launched in 2016 has since earned the respect of vapers due to the quality of their e-juice collection. The company utilizes only high-quality ingredients in the manufacturing of its e-juice collection.

Bruce Leechee by The Mamasan features combines the taste of mangoes and Leechee. This premium e-juice has the primary flavors of sun-ripened Philippine Mangoes and Leechee. This premium e-liquid has the taste of mangoes on the inhale. The taste of the mango flavor is sweet and juicy. It is when you exhale Bruce Leechee by The Mamasan that you start to notice the creamy taste of the Leechee. The taste of the Leechee flavor is crisp and refreshing. This e-liquid is arguably the best Leechee flavored e-juice currently on the market.The flavors of the Philippine mangoes and that of the Leechee blends quite well to create a delightful vaping experience. Bruce Leechee by The Mamasan has a summertime feel to it. The after taste of this e-juice is pleasant.

Bruce Leechee by The Mamasan contains both vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) at a ratio of 70/30 percent. The high VG contained in this e-juice makes it ideal for use on a sub ohm tank. This e-liquid also works well on a rebuildable atomizer (RDA).

Thanks to its high VG content, Bruce Leechee by The Mamasan produces decent clouds. The clouds this e-juice produces also retain a lot of flavor. Both cloud chasers and flavor chasers would find Bruce Leechee by The Mamasan to be a good addition to their e-juice collection. Bruce Leechee by The Mamasan comes in different nicotine levels; 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. This premium e-juice has a very smooth throat hit. The smoothness of Bruce Leechee by The Mamasan makes it an all day vaping ideal candidate.

Bruce Leechee like other e-liquid flavors from The Mamasan is sold in a clear glass bottle. The bottles which Bruce Leechee comes in are of different sizes 30ml, 60ml. These bottles are also sold with a child-resistant cap. Bruce Leechee like other The Mamasan e-liquids has a stunning design. The design is very catchy and hard to miss.

Bruce Leechee by The Mamasan can be bought on A 30ml bottle of this e-juice is usually sold for $20.99. However, Vape Shop Deals is a site that offers attractive vaping deals. Instead of $20.99, you can buy Bruce Leechee by The Mamasan for only $9.00. Besides The Mamasan e-juice collection, vapers can buy several popular e-juice brands on this at a discount. This site uses several coupon codes as part of its cheap vaping deals. You can take advantage of the discounts on this site by turning in several coupon codes which are all available on The coupon code to buy Bruce Leechee and other The Mamasan e-liquid flavors from at a discount is MAMAVOL.