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Slim Heat 900mAh Battery Kit by VaporTech Review

Slim Heat 900mAh Battery Kit by VaporTech Review

Fresh out of the VaporTech’s Slim collection is the Slim Heat 900mAh Battery Kit, one of the most sought-after vaporizers in the market. The device takes vaping to a whole new level with its 900mAh battery that is much bigger than many other preheating systems out there. It also features a convenient adjustable output voltage that allows you to enjoy your oils just how you want them. In all the offerings, VaporTech still made sure to deliver a device that is easy-to-use and compatible with on-the-go vaping. 

The VaporTech Slim Heat 900mAh Battery Kit sports a compact, minimalist design. It is also lightweight making it even more portable. It is a little chunkier than many other vaporizers, but it is thanks to its generous battery. The chassis of the device is made of aluminum alloy and just like many of the vaporizers in the VaporTech Slim category, you get to also choose from 6 color options: Black, Blue, Red, Rose/Pink, Rainbow, and White.

Slim Heat 900mAh Battery Kit by VaporTech Review

The Slim Heat 900mAh Battery Kit is compatible with 510 threaded cartridges so you are not limited in any way. It also works with Slim Pen cartridges and glass cartridges. 

On the body of the device is a push button that you use to activate the device whenever you are ready to vape. Rapidly press the button 5 times to turn the device on and the same to turn it off. There is a convenient LED display screen that shows you just what the device is doing per time, You can monitor your temperature setting and voltage set using the LED. 

In addition to its whopping 900mAh battery, the VaporTech Slim Heat Kit also features a preheat chamber and non-preheat connection ring. 

The battery uses a micro USB charger that can power it from zero to 100 in approximately 50 minutes which is quite impressive. The 900mAh battery is perfect for long-time vapers since it is enough to process a 1g cartridge with the pre-heat chamber working. If you are not using the pre-heat chamber, then the battery can process 2g cartridges. 

To activate the preheat feature, simply press the fire button 2 times. You get to also set the temperature by clicking the power button 1 time. The first press gives you a blue light to indicate 30 degrees, the second press gives you a green light to indicate 60 degrees, and the third press gives you a red light to indicate 90 degrees. This variable temperature feature ensures that you do not overcook your oil. 

You can also use the fire button to adjust the voltage output to suit your unique vaping style. Simply press the power button 3 times to adjust the draw voltage. You get to choose from 2.5v (white), 3.0v (blue), 3.5v (green), and 4.0v (red). At the highest voltage, you get to enjoy a vaping experience that is similar to that of a dab. 

Slim Heat 900mAh Battery Kit by VaporTech Review

VaporTech is the innovative manufacturer behind this spectacular vaporizer. They are a company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. You have probably heard of some of their best-sellers like the Slim Auto, the Slim Twist, and even their line of delicious ejuices. They are an innovative company and their innovation is clear in every one of their products, from their electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, and down to their line of premium ejuices. 

The Slim Heat 900mAh Battery Kit by VaporTech is sold for $29.99 on It is ideal for both beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike thanks to its simplicity and portfolio of handy features like its variable temperature and voltage setting. VaporTech also offers lightning-fast delivery when you purchase from them.