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PG and VG – more facts

VG and PG are an important part of what makes vaping so fun and appealing when it comes to sweet e-juice flavors. There’s a range of e-liquid flavors to explore. From cinnamon to cream caramel, cherry cola to blackberry; for everybody, there’s always a vapor taste.

Features of PG and VG

 The foundation of an e-juice has two functions. It “carries” the other liquid ingredients, and plays a major role in generated flavor, throat hit, and vapor. However, most vapers don’t need to research the dull information about PG and VG. Both bases are considered safe and commonly used in a variety of consumables. The one big “health” issue to remember is that a small number of people are allergic to propylene glycol, with symptoms such as hives, rashes, or stomach upset. For others, PG may also irritate the throat, for reasons that will become evident in a moment. Those vapors can involve switching to an e-liquid with a VG base.

Can I combine VG and PG in a single liquid?

Definitely! It’s popular for vapers to combine the two in different ratios, which allows you to get some of the attractive characteristics from both PG which VG. Various ratios influence the density of the vape texture, throat contact, sweetness, and vape. If you’re hit after a throaty vape that still has some smoothness and cloud production, you may consider a 50–50 ratio right for you. Or maybe you want to create huge clouds that satisfy you? A 100% VG liquid will taste smooth, sweet and let you make impressive vape plumes. Experimentation is a part of seeking the correct proportion. Get several different ratios to find out which one is in harmony with you, your preferences for vaping, and your behaviors.

A Brief Note on Maximum VG

You will find a vape juice that claims to be “max VG” to follow up on the subject of VG vs PG. Keep in mind that this does not mean 100 percent vegetable glycerine. As we’ve spoken about before, flavors and nicotine form part of the e-juice formulation, and propylene glycol is still required to hold the flavor. Technically, max VG means about 80 percent or 90 percent VG anywhere. If you’re going for thicker clouds and more vapor output, an e-juice maker offers you something to reach for the highest VG.

Is there something I should be mindful of when I vape PG?

Although most vapers should be able to inhale PG without any adverse side effects, some people feel that the throat can be irritated by a high amount of PG. True allergies to PG are very rare, although some have been published, and would most likely manifest as a rash or some other kind of unpleasantness after using an e-liquid which is mostly based on PG. Thankfully, as alternative several companies and manufacturers produce high VG vape juices.

Some vapers also like using different PG and VG levels at different times to improve or increase their vaping experience with other flavors. Tobacco, berries, and drinks also perform well with higher-PG e-liquids, as the ingredient’s sharpness combines well with tartness, fizz, or flavoring. If you are a vapor and you cherish your flavoring that much then Flavorah is for you. Flavorah is an e-liquid manufacturer with years of experience I the industry. Flavorah is used by the best e-juice brands and best e-juice recipes