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Starter Kits

E-Cigarette starter kit

E-cigarette starter kits come in greater varieties when compared to the disposable e-cig type. These units are sleeker and consist of two things; rechargeable battery and cartridge for nicotine liquid. Once you acquire this, all you need is charging the battery and screwing the cartridge to be ready to enjoy the great taste.

The kits come in different sizes; from common cigarette size to larger compact flash sized types.

You are sure of getting any of the sizes in style and color of your choice. Because of the great diversity, selecting the most appropriate model can be truly confusing, especially when buying for the first time. Many average and heavy smokers mainly go for the kits that are rechargeable because they are cost effective and versatile. These contain higher levels of nicotine in every puff and are more powerful.

An e-cigarette starter kit is sold with a rechargeable battery, nicotine liquid-filled cartridge, and a charger. (Many kits include extras like USB charger, special case, car charger etc.) All you need is charging the battery and screwing the cartridge to enjoy your lovely e-cig. A client’s goal, obviously, is getting the best e-cig that will help in forgetting conventional tobacco.

Therefore, purchasing a poor quality starter kit or low-quality e-juice will kill your hopes of living a life free of tobacco. It will be a very disappointing undertaking and a waste of money. If you ever experienced such disappointments, the best advice is not to give up, but to keep trying others until you get the right model.

There is no doubt that at some point, somewhere, you will get the right brand. If you have at some point tried to use a disposable e-cig, you definitely have some basics on what to look for. It is advisable to lay greater focus on all qualities that you consider of value to you. You might be interested in a battery that can last longer or a different flavor. Ensure that these considerations are factored when looking for the best kits so that you enjoy for longer before recharging.

If you go for smaller kits, it is prudent for you to select 2 batteries so that you use one when the other is in charge. Many manufacturers give their clients estimates of puffs that your battery can sustain. However, it can vary depending on the smoker’s drag. While many claims that one to two packs are estimated to be equal to about one cartridge, I do not fully agree with these figures.

Many smokers, especially medium to heavy smokers, tend to take very deep and longer drags when using their e-cigs at first because the vapor is less dense. Many smokers are interested in getting burning feelings which appears difficult to achieve with a single electronic cigarette. Therefore, do not anticipate that a nicotine cartridge will take longer than two smoke packs.

You need to understand that it is all about nicotine and not simply the burning feeling in the lungs. Look for a brand that is rechargeable, with enjoyable flavors, and then try varying levels of nicotine to get your best fit. Here are several types of e-cigs that emerged the best in 2013. They are in varying styles, prices, and will give you total satisfaction as well as flavors that you require.

Many smokers find rechargeable electronic cigarettes the best. Remember that if you fail to get the satisfaction you needed with a rechargeable e-cig; consider trying others such as the ego-cigarette. Most rechargeable e-cig kits can use varying types of nicotine cartridges, so, get as many as possible and use them to get the best for you. For those who have just started, make sure to look for the best quality kits. An e-cig starter kit is the best point to begin. Look for kits that have different flavors so that you can taste them and select the most appropriate for you.

For a starter kit, you should expect to pay approximately $25 to $70 to start vaping. The higher the amount of cash you use, the higher the chances of being happier with the selection. It is, however, possible to spend less on smaller kits to get greater selections of flavors as well as vapors that come with each device. Do not assume cheaper kits will have great flavors compared to the costlier ones. Similar to other products, higher-end e-cigs are also more satisfying.

I’m fresh to this, what do I need to get started?

At First, start your shopping with a charger, batteries, and atomizer.Then you will be ready to a new device with an e-liquid

Our suggestion is, at first try with 2-3 bottles of different flavors and find the nicotine level that may best fit with you.

E-cigs parts come in contact with e-liquid and malfunction anytime. Most of the atomizers available in the market have a lifespan of 2-3 weeks. That’s why, purchasing atomizers with spares will work best for you.

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