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Humble Juice Co. Sweater Puppets E-Liquid Review

There’s nothing better than taking a puff of a sweet fruity, refreshing e-liquid. Lots of companies create such e-liquids, or so they say. However, there are very few blends like Sweater Puppets e-liquid. Humble Juice Co. is at the top of the market for a reason. The company’s e-liquids are truly premium. Humble use only the best quality ingredients to create its delicious e-liquids. Sweater Puppets is one of them. It is one of my top favorites in the entire Humble collection.

If you’re into fruity, mouthwatering vapes, you need to give this one a try immediately. This mango e-liquid will instantly wake up your taste buds with delicious fruity goodness. Humble Juice Co. pre-steeps each e-liquids in its collection for at least two weeks. So, when you receive a bottle of Sweater Puppets, you can just pop the cap off and start vaping. The flavor and freshness of this e-juice make it the perfect all day vape. You can also get this e-liquid from the Humble Juice Co. Ice collection. The menthol in this e-liquid adds the perfect level of coolness making it easier more relaxing. You will enjoy multiple layers of dynamic flavor with a cool finish when vaping this e-liquid.

Humble Juice Co’s. Sweeter Puppets has three of my favorite fruits all rolled into to one luscious vape. The flavors consist primarily of mango, cantaloupe, and just a bit of honeydew. It seems that the mango flavor dominates this vape juice the most. However, all three of the flavors are present, and you can taste them all. Honeydew is probably my favorite of the all the different types of melons around the world, so I wish it was a bit stronger. However, the mix is perfect as it is. On the inhale, your taste buds are graced with a bold, natural, realistic mango and cantaloupe flavor with subtle hints of honeydew that ties the sweetness together. On the exhale, the flavor of this vape juice is pretty much taste the same. The light the honeydew melon flavor picks up a bit more at the end. This e-liquids is pretty sweet, but not too sweet that it overloads your taste buds. Instead, every puff will tantalize you with an exquisite stimulating flavor.

In such a short time Humble Juice Co. has become a top favorite in the vaping industry. It has only been a few years since the company made its debut, but it has quickly made a name for its self. Humble Juice Co. has stated that its main priory is to bring its customers high-qua,lity, affordable e-liquids. Humble Juice has stood out with its simple yet elegant branding, low pricing, delicious e-liquids, and great customer service. These are just a few of the reasons why Humble Juice Co. is one of my personal favorite e-juice manufacturers in the entire market. If you’ve never had an e-juice from this company, I suggest you head on over to the store now and get a bottle of Sweater Puppets. You will not be disappointed.

You can get a 120ml bottle of Sweater Puppets for $24.99. Humble Juice Co. has some of the best prices. What’s more, you can get this e-juice with the company’s Humble BOGO E-Liquid deal where you buy one of your favorite e-liquids and get another one free. Paying 25 bucks for 240 ml of delicious e-juice is quite the steal. You can also buy mods, tanks, and other vaping products at the Humble store.

Like the other vape juices in the Humble collection, Sweater Puppets has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 80/20. You wouldn’t expect such great flavor from such a high VG blend. However, with this Humble, you get both great flavor and cloud production. The best part about the clouds is that it leaves behind a lingering aroma of sweet fresh melons. This e-liquid can be purchased with 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg of nicotine. Sweater Puppets has a smooth, soft throat hit. Since Humble uses such high-quality ingredients, you’re guaranteed to never experience any throat irritation or discomfort when vaping this e-liquid.

The Humble Juice Co. online store is the perfect place for any and every vaper to shop. You can find all your vaping needs in one location without breaking the bank. Whether you’re looking for premium e-juice, tanks, or mods, head on over to this store for the best prices.