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Coffee Milk Vape Juice by Kilo Moo Series Review


Kilo E-liquids is an award-winning company based in Buena Park, Southern California. The company was founded in 2014 and manufactures premium-quality e-juices. It created different brands that are very popular on the market. Kilo E-liquid created five flavors to mark its flagship series; Kiberry Yogurt, Dewberry Cream, Tru Blu, Fruit Whip, and Cereal Milk. It also has other lines of products; Kilo Moo Series, the Kilo White Series, the Kilo Black series, and the Bazooka Sour Straw.

From all its product lines, the Kilo Moo Series (previously known as Moo Eliquids) was introduced in 2015 and since has become very popular on the market. Six products make up the Kilo Moo Series product line; Coffee Milk, Vanilla Almond Milk, Strawberry Milk, Banana Milk, Blueberry Milk, and Neapolitan.

Coffee Milk offers a delight like no other to vapers. It’s the flavor of Arabica coffee with milk and cream. With Coffee Milk by Kilo Moo Series, you have the rendition of freshly brewed coffee. Vaping Coffee Milk, you will enjoy the fantastic flavor of coffee.  Kilo Moo Series Coffee Milk is one of the best coffee-flavored e-liquids on the market.

A Fantastic Flavor

Coffee Milk gives you the taste of freshly brewed coffee with hints of whip cream. On the inhale, there is a sweet taste of coffee and cream. The flavor is balanced evenly, and the cream and the coffee feels light and sweet. On the exhale, there is a milkiness that comes forward with subtle hints of vanilla. Coffee Milk e-juice is perfect. If you like the taste of a latte, you will thoroughly delight with the flavor.

You may want to steep the e-juice for a while before using it. Most e-liquids come already steeped, but if the date of production on the package is less than two weeks, it would be a great idea if you steep it.

VG/PG Ratio

The vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of Coffee Milk is 70/30. The ratio gives a perfect distribution of cloud production and flavor. Cloud chasers delight with the vapor. The thickness is excellent, and the clouds linger in the air for a while. The e-juice has a medium level thickness and it’s quite easy on coils and cotton. You will have the best experience of flavor and vapor if you use a sub-ohm tank or a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA)

Nicotine Strength

You can choose between 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg of nicotine strength. The nicotine levels are low levels and produce mild throat hits. You do not feel any charring or burning sensation. There is no itching of the nose either.


The Kilo Moo Series box is quite sleek. In fact, there are two cardboard boxes. The bottle is placed inside a protective black box which is then placed in the rectangular box. The outer box has a lovely black and white design pattern. The logo of Kilo E-liquids, the brand name and the product name are in front of the box. On the side, you have various other information concerning the e-liquid. The bottle holds 60ml. It’s made of clear glass and has a childproof safety cap with a dripper attached to it. The label on the bottle has the same design pattern as on the box.


For only $20.97, you can delight in vaping Coffee Milk. This is one of the best opportunities on the market.  You obtain premium-quality products at a bargain price. It’s a great deal for a 60ml bottle. Kilo Moo Series seeks to provide its products to all vapers, regardless of their budget.


Kilo Premium E-liquid is among the best e-juice manufacturing companies worldwide. All its products are known for the fantastic flavors. The company is an award-winning company. They attribute their success to their integrity, passion, creativity, sophistication and patience to research and the fact that they craft high-quality e-liquids.

You will delight vaping Coffee Milk whenever you feel like having a cup of coffee. The fantastic flavor leaves nothing to envy from a real cup of coffee. The taste is perfect; brewed coffee blended with cream. You will relish the flavor of Coffee Milk and if you’re one of those vapers with a craving for coffee.  You will undoubtedly consider Coffee Milk as an all-day vape.