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Premium E-Liquid (VG Base)

Dunk’d Premium E Liquid Review

Coffee and doughnuts have become a common food and drink pairing especially across the United States and Canada. And this duo is often consumed as a simple breakfast or as some kind of refreshment. In fact, coffee breaks are sometimes taken as a work break “to consume coffee and doughnuts” especially during the mid-morning or mid-afternoon.

Now, what I said are actually some random facts about how famous coffee and doughnuts are often paired with. But let’s make things more interesting. Instead of actually eating them, how about we vape them? Coffee and doughnuts wrapped into one… introducing the Dunk’d premium e-liquid brought to you by Dynamic Creations. (Check out the shop here) I have to admit that the very first time my friend told me about this, I was very excited. She has said all good things about it and I can’t wait to try it for myself right away. So, check out my review below and see if this can pass your taste. 

In terms of appearance, this e-juice is presented in a rather simple way. It is stored in a clear bottle with a blue background and a black dropper cap. The dropper makes it easy to transfer the liquid from one container to another. The images displayed will also already tell you what you can expect from its flavor — doughnut Dunk’d (dunked) in a cup of coffee. The label also contains other vital information like the bottle size and the nicotine concentration level. But I bet what we have all been waiting for is how this actually tastes like.

For me, this e-juice really tastes like a doughnut dipped in coffee. The aroma it gives off the instance you open that lid is so invigorating. The coffee scent is more prominent with a hint of doughnuts somewhere. But it smells really good. Now let us get our wick sweat. On the inhale, you will be welcomed with a bread-like doughnut flavor. Instead of a frosted doughnut filled with those colorful and sweet toppings, this is more of a glazed or plain doughnut. The bread-like taste is more prominent, and I like that because it gives off only a subtle sweetness. As for the coffee flavor, I am impressed that it is not as overwhelming as I expected. Also, it does not taste like a straight black coffee. I can’t find the right word… but it is somewhere between milky and rich (almost like a fudge). But what I love most is that this e-juice is way better compared with other doughnut-flavored e-liquids I have tried. The taste is really unique.

And all the profiles the company claim are true, which is a plus point for me since most firms now advertise purely sweet words for the ears and not for the taste buds. This e-juice has a vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio of 70/30. Impressively, this Dunk’d doughnut-flavored e-juice has a pretty thick and very nice clouds. For a 70/30, the clouds are dense and milky.

Of note, vegetable glycerin is a food additive that serves as a flavor and nicotine carrier. This is responsible for the e-juice’s vapor. The propylene glycol, on the other hand, is the basis for throat hit. The higher the propylene glycol content, the stronger the throat hit. Also, this Dunk’d e-juice does not cause any staining on your wicks or gunking on your atomizers. And again in terms of sweetness, it is not overly sweet and it is not like the Splenda-type artificial sweetness. It runs very smooth with no throat hit or nose burning at all. This is suitable as an all-day vape.

For some vapers, despite all the good qualities there are in an e-juice, price matters. I  understand, everyone always wants to snatch a good deal. As for this e-juice, I can attest that this is absolutely worth the investment. It is affordable, and for the price and quality ratio, this is great. Grab your own 60-mL bottle now for as low as $24.99 only at This e-juice sure is a perfect mate anytime of the day — may it be during breakfast or a quick afternoon break. Its flavor is simply irresistible and I highly recommend this for those who are hunting for a good dessert-type of e-liquid. Two thumbs up!