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STLTH New 420mAh Vape Device Review
Pod Vape Kit

STLTH New 420mAh Vape Device Review

The STLTH New 420mAh vape device aims to eliminate traditional tobacco cigarettes by delivering on an easy-to-use, smokeless alternative that is perfect for adult smokers. The STLTH is a closed pod system with looks that steal the show. It is a non-refillable, portable, covert vape device that features a chunky battery that can keep you vaping for well over a day. It also comes with much larger ejuice pods, and you have a variety of flavor options to choose from, perfect for a closed pod system.

What’s In The Kit?

  • 1 x STLTH Device
  • 1 x Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Instruction Manual and Warranty Registration Card

First Impressions

The design of the STLTH is hands-down the first thing you get to admire. Rather than a rectangular design with straight edges, the STLTH sports rounded edges so it moulds perfectly in your hand. It is ultra-lightweight, even with the ejuice pods installed, so it should not be a bother moving around with it. 

STLTH New 420mAh Vape Device Review

The STLTH is plug-and-play, meaning that once your battery has sufficient power, you just slot in the ejuice pod and you can take a draw. There are no buttons or additional settings on the device, it comes with just what every heavy smoker needs for a satisfying vape.

There is an LED light on the body of the device that flashes when you take a drag. It also serves as the battery life indicator. It shows a white light when the battery is full and orange when the battery is low.


The battery compartment of the STLTH houses a 420mAh rechargeable battery. It is a convenient increase since the device came with a 306mAh battery before. Unless you are actively chain vaping, the STLTH should deliver on a full day of use. 

STLTH New 420mAh Vape Device Review

The device makes use of a regular micro USB port that can power the batteries in less than 60 minutes. One thing is that the device does not support pass-through charging so you will not be able to use it until it is done charging, or at least until you unplug the micro USB cable.

STLTH Ejuice Pods

The ejuice pods go in at the top of the STLTH battery, and they fit nice and snug without wobbling while you vape. They feature ceramic coils that are reliable and deliver on excellent flavor. The STLTH delivers a restricted cigarette-like draw. The vapor is not so impressive but the device itself was not made for cloud chasers, rather, it was made for heavy smokers who care more about nicotine and the quality of their hit. 

Just like we said earlier, there are over 20 high-quality ejuice flavor options that you get to choose from. They come in varying nicotine concentrations so every type of vaper can find their suit, more on this later. The STLTH ejuice pods are sold in packs containing 4 ejuice pods.

STLTH Nicotine

Depending on how much nicotine you prefer to vape at a time, you can select an ejuice pod with 20mg/ml of nicotine if you prefer a mild hit, or 50mg/ml of nicotine if you want to go all out. There is also the 35mg/ml nicotine concentration for vapers who want somewhere in between mild and hardcore.


The STLTH vape device is a simple and affordable closed-loop pod system with some of the most flavorful pods and biggest batteries on the market. It is a device that is designed to satisfy just about every smoker out there, including you. On Hazetown Vapes, you can get the STLTH device for only $16, allowing you to get as many ejuice pods as you want.