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Nicotine Salt E-Liquid Review: A Penny for Your Cravings?

I vape 15ml of nicotine salts eliquids every week. They all have different strengths and flavours. They ease my mind and keep the cravings at bay. Whenever I run out, I always rush to my favourite store, Vape Green.

I prefer nicotine salts because of the flavor consistency. I recommended nicotine salt e-liquids to my beginner friends, and they had no issues using them with their vape pods and starter kits.

If you are not sure about your preference, you can always start with these four flavors.

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Blue Ice Nic Salt E-Liquid by Pod Salt £3.99

I am in love with Pod Salts products – no lie! Blue Ice nicotine salt e-liquids always have the perfect blend of tastes. You get that true blueberry taste when you inhale. The blueberry prepares your throat and tongue for the icy, menthol flavor that follows.

With blue ice e-liquid, you should never worry when you have a low-powered pod or starter kit. Unlike freebase e-liquids, you will notice the quick nicotine high with one inhale and exhale. Get it from Vape Green today and earn four points in their loyalty program.

Tough Nic-Salt E-Liquid by MiNiMal £4.99

Tough nic salts are for anyone who wants a fresh tobacco taste, no additives, no fruity flavours.

I had never tried such an e-juice before, so I was quite sceptical. But the moment I felt how swift my inhales and exhales were, I decided never to miss the e-liquid in my collection. It is like smoking a classic Cuban without the harsh aftertaste.

Watermelon Breeze Nic Salt E-Liquid by Pod Salt £3.99

I used my earned points at Vape Green to top up for this purchase, and I don’t regret it. This nicotine salt e-liquid is for you if you’re a fruit lover but need a hint of menthol to satisfy your thirst.

You will enjoy a sweet watermelon flavour that will transport you to a tropical world. When you exhale, an icy flavour wipes away the fruity taste delicately.

I would recommend this e-juice for anyone that enjoys medium to high nicotine strength levels.

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Heisenberg Nic Salt E-Liquid by Vampire Vape £3.99

Heisenberg comes last on my list, but if I were to grade its uniqueness, it would be among my top three, for sure!

This e-liquid works for me during cold evenings. It is ideal for beginners and anyone who aims to reduce their nicotine intake. I get a happy flavour tingling my throat and ice it out with some menthol all in one puff.

Getting the Most Out of Your Precious Liquids

These are not rules but mere words of wisdom: you must purchase the right kits, pods, and e-juices to get the most out of vaping.

If it is your first time, go for low to medium nicotine levels. Pair these e-liquids with large-sized vapes and pods with low resistance, and you are good to go! You can always get all your vaping products from Vape Green – you won’t be dissatisfied!

The next thing you should try after purchasing your favourite e-liquids is direct to lung inhalations. When you try low-strength e-liquids like Blue Ice, you will see exactly what I mean. You will enjoy those big clouds you see from pro vapers.

Next, ensure you understand your taste and only purchase your nicotine salt e-liquid from a reliable store like Vape Green Do not compromise your health and pleasure for a few cheap puffs. Purchasing from an affordable vendor is the solution.

Lastly, never be scared to try out as many flavors as you want. It is quite the uphill battle till you get to your desired picks. Fortunately for you, Vape Green has an endless list to choose from. By the time you are done going through most of them, you will have found your preferred vape liquids.