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Mods: Does bigger always mean better? FAQ

Now, you may have heard a lot, or a little about mods and the basic understanding of one is that it ISN’T an ego, or a twist, or a spinner.

Mods usually come with separate batteries, and will usually need a charger. I’ll cover these too, don’t fret. (I’m not sure on the iTastes….so I’ll put them in as ‘other’ as I’ve not covered them yet)

So, onto the normal format:

1. What is a mod?

A mod is usually a metal tube that can either be static or telescopic. Telescopic means you can make it bigger or smaller (fnar fnar) depending on battery size, or whether you want to carry a lightsaber about with you – SVD I’m looking at you here. They can be specially made, variable voltage/wattage, or mechanical. The main differences are:

Mechanical: Doesn’t have the ability to change the voltage, and have a ‘hot spring’ so that if you use the wrong battery or the battery malfunctions, the spring will get hot, collapse, and stop the battery making contact, so the battery and the mod don’t blow up in your face.

Variable voltage/wattage: This means you can adjust the wattage/voltage (I stick to voltage as I understand it more) either to suit the liquid, OR you can set the wattage and it’ll automatically adjust the voltage to suit. This can be a bit hit and miss, so be prepared to test. The best way is to start low and build up, not start high and pop your coil – That little pop when your coil goes…means you’ve buggered it up..Ah well, back to coil….

2. Where do the iTaste and others like it fit in?

iTaste and others that allow you to adjust the voltage but still look like an ego battery. In a way I think they count as intermediate devices, they’re good if you want to dabble in the world of variable voltage but don’t like the sometimes intimidating and scary world of the other mods – I was like this, I had a Robust VV as my first mod, and I LOVED the thing. So yes, they serve a purpose and are really good for if you go out for the evening, or want something small for everyday use 🙂

3. Batteries and Chargers

This is where a lot of people can be terrified: What batteries do I get?

The best way of choosing is – what size batteries does it take, and what size will I need?

The three most common are 14500s, 18350s, and 18650s

14500s – the same size as AA batteries, but have bigger capacities. You can usually use a pair in a day, so good if you’re not out forever, but bad if you want to go out and about and aren’t near a charger, as they need to be charged more.

18350s – these are the small squat ones. Again, they don’t last the best, dependent on the voltage it’d be up to a day, but again, you need to be near a charger.

18650s – in my honest opinion, these quite possibly are the best. These guys are a big powerhouse, one can last up to 3 days and I’ve got a pair in a parallel modded tin that can go up to a week. So these boys are my faves.

Also, please don’t skimp on batteries. LG HG2 18650 3000mAh, Sony VTC4 18650 2100mah, and Effect Green 26650 4200mah (up to 20A) are the best, if a little more expensive. But they hold their charge and last and last. They’re like the Duracell of mod batteries. There’s also another distinction. If you’re using a mechanical mod, you won’t get the protection of a VV, so you NEED to use protected batteries (usually the nipple tipped ones) as these will, or should, cut out when the charge is too low, as it is possible to overuse a battery. A good rule of thumb is to charge them every day/two days dependant on size and usage.

Now, chargers. Again, this is a place to spend your money. You are going to be using this for as long as you use your mods, so a little bit of outlay is better than blowing up your front room. Chargers can and have failed, whereas the best seem to be the LUC Blu6 or the Nitecore Digicharger D4. These are the best, and the price reflects this, but they are the best for a reason. They’re more reliable and less likely to fail. Also, do not forget the primary battery safety rule: DO NOT LEAVE THEM PLUGGED IN UNATTENDED. It is rare, but it CAN happen. Not on overnight in a different room, not when you go down the pub or out clubbing, unplug that charger or risk it going ka-boom and you can say house bye bye.

Here’s another. Some mods can use paired or parallel batteries. The batteries you use for these mods MUST be used in fresh pairs and ONLY used together. You CANNOT mix and match here, as they both keep the same charge/recharge/discharge pattern and the same sort of use within the mod. If you unpair, please get a new pair of batteries to be used. Or, again, if we remember the Ka-Boom Mod creator, he used unpaired overcharged batteries and blew a couple of his teeth apart. Good if you want to enter the next gurning competition, not so good for that hot date.

Again, I hope this has educated and informed you a little, but please feel free to ask getvapure about the best batteries/mods for you 🙂