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Delta 10 Live Resin Disposable Vape By Delta Extrax Review

Disposable vape technology is one of the most important innovations to have graced the vape industry. Disposable devices are very easy to use and provide the convenience that other vape devices cannot. Their disposable nature allows you to use the device and dispose of it once the distillate runs out. This means there are no coils or pods to replace or distillate to refill.

With this device, you can enjoy longer and more fulfilling vaping sessions while enjoying all the incredible features that it comes with. The vape is the ultimate goal in the world of delta 10 disposables and has completely changed how people view delta 8 disposables.


The Delta 10 live resin disposable vape comes pre-filled and pre-charged, oozing convenience. This ready-to-use feature means you can indulge in it as soon as you purchase it. There is no need to wait since the charge and the distillate are already available.

With a battery capacity of 280mAh, you are guaranteed an amazing long vaping session. Basically, you can vape on the device till the last draw without interruption. However, in cases where the battery runs out of power before you to the last puff, this device is rechargeable. Recharge ability ensures the continuity of the vaping session. The vape is fitted with an LED indicator to show the battery capacity and alert you when the device needs recharging.

This device is made with delta 10 distillate and two other cannabinoids; THC-O and THC-P. These cannabinoids give unique effects ranging from euphoric to relaxing and influence every hit delivered by the device. The special terpene blend used in every vape mimics top strains we have all come to love, such as SFV OG, White Widow, Dog Walker OG, and Strawberry Shortcake. 

The distillate capacity is 2ml, an amount that is enough to give you a long-lasting impression and very smooth hits. Below are the strains in which the Delta 10 live resin disposable vape comes in;


SFV OG (Sativa)

In your efforts to look for a Sativa dominant strain of delta 10 live resin disposable, you will come across this SFV OG that delivers very strong hits with a lemon aroma. With each puff, you get a light head and eventually let go of your anxiety, but it is not strong enough to leave you couch-locked and completely sedated. 

Strawberry Shortcake (Indica)

While vaping on this strain, the most evident thing you realize is the pure taste of strawberry that serve to quench your sweet tooth cravings. This strain is made by blending white strains with white Wookie to create a perfectly balanced flavor.

White widow(hybrid)

Sometimes a hybrid strain is all you need to get a perfect balance of effects. This is a Netherlands strain that results from a cross between an Indica from south India and a Sativa landrace. This strain leaves you happy and excited about your whole day’s activities and gives you undisputed energy. 

Dog walker OG(hybrid)

This strain is your perfect choice for vapers who prefer smooth, gentle cerebral and physical effects. It gets you calm and collected with a refreshing feel. It is a blend of Albert Walker OG and Chemdawg 91.


There are many reasons why the Delta 10 live resin disposable vape dominates the Delta 8 vape scene. Rapid onset, long-lasting effects, variety, and affordability. The product is highly recommended.

Where to purchase the Delta 10 live resin disposable vape

You can purchase the Delta 10 Live Resin Disposable Vape by Delta Extrax from the Superstrain website for $19.99.