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Geek Bar Pulse Review: A Powerful Disposable Vaping Device

Today, we’ll look at a really interesting high-capacity disposable from Geek Bar. The Geek Bar Pulse is a powerful vape that features a large LED screen, a twin mesh coil, a bite-friendly mouthpiece, and a vibrant, stunning design. It also supports two modes — regular and pulse mode — which offer 15,000 or 7,500 puffs, respectively. If this brief description has aroused your interest, we encourage you to continue reading to learn more about the Geek Bar Pulse in our in-depth review!

Design and Build Quality

The Geek Bar Pulse boasts an eye-catching and inviting design. The rectangle disposable has rounded corners on all sides and a right-side LED screen. The front of the vaporizer has a planet design, with a raised tactile pattern on the interior of the globe. Each taste has its own planet and color pallet. The flavor name is near the top of the planet, and the Geek Bar branding is above it.

Geek Bar branding appears on the back, along with the tagline “MAY THE PULSE BE WITH YOU.” The offset mouthpiece is constructed of the same color plastic as the body and is covered in a clear rubberized material.

The bottom, as expected, houses a Type-C USB connector as well as a slider with three settings. When the slider is set to Close (either side is indicated), the vaporizer is locked and will not activate if you attempt to inhale. The medium setting is the Normal mode, which may create up to 15,000 puffs. When set to Pulse, the disposable can produce up to 7,500 puffs.

Unreal Durability

The Geek Bar Pulse is a tank. The polycarbonate body is sturdy, and the screen is safe behind a thick plastic shell. It would take a lot of abuse to seriously harm the durable Pulse vape.

The ergonomic design of the Geek Bar Pulse is one of its most significant advantages. The rounded body fits easily in the hand, and the mouthpiece’s bite-friendly rubberized coating allows you to vape pleasantly while protecting your teeth.

Battery Capacity

Geek Bar does not advertise the Pulse battery’s parameters; however, the device’s battery is believed to be around 650 mAh capacity battery. This battery capacity has recently been noticed in a number of different vapes with a high puff count. It appears to be a viable alternative for organizations seeking to maximize e-juice tank size while providing appropriate battery life.

The battery level, remaining battery percentage, and remaining e-juice percentage are all displayed on the screen. On the screen, there is also a visual puff indicator (Normal mode) and a rocket indicator (Pulse mode). Users can utilize the screen to forecast charging periods that last approximately 30 minutes.


The Geek Bar Pulse disposable offers two distinct vaping experiences with its Normal and Pulse settings. Normal mode consumes less e-juice and energy, resulting in smaller clouds and flavor, but it raises the device’s puff count to 15,000!

The Pulse triggers the supercharge mode on the disposable. The flavor is improved, the clouds have become larger, and the wattage is increased to 20 at the expense of the puff capacity, which has been lowered to 7,500 puffs. Although 7,500 puffs is still a substantial capacity, the Pulse mode cuts the maximum potential puff count in half.

The vaporizer has a dual mesh coil architecture, so you’ll get consistent, warm, and pleasant hits no matter which mode you use. The airflow appears to be unaffected by the slider. Both techniques use MTL, or mouth-to-lung, airflow. Finally, the choice is entirely yours!

Price and Availability

The Geek Bar Pulse is available for $14.99  from a very reliable online store, the West Cost Vape Supply. The price is steady and competitive. For that price, we’ve never seen a throwaway with a 15,000 puff count and a complete LED screen.